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What is personalized video?

Unique to each individual

Unlike standard video email, we use a custom video template and make one video for each prospect.

1-to-1 personalization

Every video we deliver is completely unique to each individual. If they don’t watch it, no one will.

Limitless Social Amplification

Organic social sharing provides an opportunity for explosive reach and unlimited engagement

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Why personalized video?

It's simple really, nothing is more effective at increasing engagement. With every unique video you have the ability to connect with and relate to your prospect directly. Just like any conversation, when you make it personal, people are more likely to respond.

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Take advantage of DATA
you already have

How RUKUS Works

RUKUS is a full service shop committed to delivering complete solutions for engagement.
We are part marketing agency, part technology vendor.


Through consultation we will craft a custom video template utilizing existing video assets when available. Creative design and messaging is aligned to the marketing objective.



Data is then applied to create a completely different personalized video for each unique prospect.



Key moments of personalization are integrated into the template to generate a completely unique video for every prospect on your list.



Each video is sent to each prospect directly through email or social however you want. Poster images feature true 1-to-1 personalization. No restrictions. Ever.




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Let It Move You

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Argentina Ski


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Shout @MakeARukus if you've got more questions
and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Can I use my own video?

    Of course! You can use any existing video you’d like. If you have a few clips that you’d like to combine, we can edit them together to create a new custom video just for you.

  • Does this work with platforms like MailChimp or Exact Target?

    The opposite of No.

  • I am not able to share my prospects' email addresses, is that okay?

    No problem, we actually don’t need any email addresses to create the videos - just the data from each prospect required for specific personalization moments within the video (i.e. Name, Location, etc). We would need some sort of unique identifier (i.e. a Subscriber ID) so we can make sure the right video goes to the right person, but no email address is needed.

  • I don't have any decent video, can you make the video for me?

    Yes, we can create and produce videos from scratch and they are pretty awesome.

  • I have a creative team already, can you just do what we say?

    Absolutely, we can provide as much or as little creative support as you’d like.

  • I’ve heard video in email doesn’t work well.

    ‘Video in email’ is often a misunderstood term. Video playing directly inside the email client is not very well supported across all platforms. Although there are several fallback strategies, we purposely avoid playing the videos directly inside the email client for the added benefit of getting a prospect onto a landing page. This allows for additional real estate to convert the prospect, deliver a more feature rich experience than is possible in the restrictive email environment and additional tracking details.

  • I have 10MM+ subscribers, does this work for me?

    Yes. We are fully scaled and offer enterprise solutions for the largest video appetites.

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