Success in any online business requires a strong social media presence. I realize this goes without saying, but as obvious as this statement is it is surprising how few people can come up with an answer to this issue off the top of their head.  Event successful online businesses often have no Social Media plan in mind, and often time their followings are unmanaged and the result of random engagements.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just Buy Twitter Followers?

Take a look at the McDonald’s sign. This is social proof in its simplest form. 90 billion hungry people can’t be wrong. If it seems too simple, you’re missing one of the biggest points of social proof marketing: it really is all about how popular you are.

Well, not really, but that’s where you start.

What trips most online businesses up about social media marketing is that they want to do it right, they want to do it clean, and they want to follow best practices.  There are reams of tutorials out there that will tell you how to grow your following, and many are legit, but the process is arduous.

Coincidentally, the factors of Social Proof and The Bandwagon Effect that benefit business, also benefit developing your social media presence. The more popular you are, the better things will work out.

Absolutely find an organic process that works for you and that you are comfortable with in terms of time investment. You want to build a core following of social media contacts that are truly interested in what you do and will engage with your interactions, passing them on to other potentially interested parties.

That said, strictly following that organic process is going to be long, expensive, and require your attention to be diverted from more fruitful pursuits for your business.  The very benefits of Social Proof that you want to get from having a vast social media presence can help get you there faster.

How to Get Followers, Easily

Before you begin your social media marketing you want to make sure one thing is true:  your profiles are busy, well liked, and have tons of followers.  That seems a little backwards right?  If that’s what you are trying to achieve, how can you start that way?  Let’s focus on Twitter.

The basic idea of the Bandwagon Effect is that if you appear popular, people are more likely to act on your call to action.  If you have 600 Twitter Followers, for instance, and you ask people to follow you for updates, they might look at your number and determine that you aren’t providing much in the way of useful information since so few folks are following you.  If you have 6,000 followers, they are more likely to follow you.  If you have 60,000, well even more. 600,000?  You do the math.

But this again seems to fly in the face of our issue, right?  We are trying to build the followers, and if that requires having a lot of Twitter Followers to begin with, we’re screwed right?  Wrong.

Several services out there will allow you to buy Twitter Followers for surprisingly cheap prices.  We’re talking about $20 for 10,000. And the limit that you can buy is way up there. Perhaps in the millions.  Now don’t get too excited, these Twitter Followers you buy aren’t necessarily the potential customers you want in your ‘core’.  Their function is best explained by the McDonald’s pic up above.

Is it black hat? Is it wrong? Is it unethical? Depends on your personal ethics, I suppose. As far as Twitter is concerned, they’d rather you not do it, but the fact is the majority of the services that can get you followers acquire actual real accounts.  So your not buying ‘fake’ followers, you’re just not buying targeted followers.

And, your competition is doing it. Crying foul that your competitors are boosting the appearance of their popularity isn’t going to put any money in your pocket. The only way to counter this affect is to do what they do.

In short, literally anyone achieving social media success these days is buying some sort of Social Media Engagement for the purpose of making their potential audience think they are more authoritative then they are. Donald Trump does it, McDonald’s does it, and so do the YouTube millionaires you love to hate.

Of the providers out there, we’ve endorsed mostly because they have consistently delivered for our customers at fair prices and are more mindful than most when it comes to keeping things looking real. For instance we did a test on a competitor for a client recently and none of the Twitter followers had profile pics. It looked like spam city.  Feel free to shop around but is super reliable and they are also known to work directly with customers to maximize the impact of their services.


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